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Lucy Saxon was born in Hertfordshire in 1995. She is a UK novelist whose books have been sold in twenty countries.[1] She signed her first book deal at seventeen with Bloomsbury. She resides with her parents in Bishop’s Stortford.[2]

Illness[edit | edit source]

Saxon became "very ill with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) at the age of 12".[2]

Interviews[edit | edit source]

"It was thought likely that glandular fever had triggered the CFS, and doctors initially thought it would clear within a year. But as time went on it became apparent this was a condition that would be with Saxon for life. “I realised if I can’t get a handle on this now my life is over,” she said. “I had a lot of issues. I was a very angry and depressed teenager.”" "Although CFS means Saxon can no longer play tennis or football, she can still go riding, which she loves. She has learnt to manage her illness, and can work out when she may be about to crash so that she can plan activities around it. And while she may not have begun writing if it were not for CFS, she says the practice also helps her relax." “I’m such a perfectionist so I find this really stressful,” Saxon says of one of her hobbies.[2]

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flare-up A symptoms flare in ME/CFS is a temporary increase in symptoms, alternatively known as experiencing post-exertional malaise. May be referred to as a "crash" or "collapse".

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