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Jamison Graham Hill is an author and, prior to becoming stricken with severe myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), a bodybuilder and certified personal trainer. He is featured in the 2015 documentary, Forgotten Plague, by Ryan Prior and Nicole Castillo. In addition to writing a book on fitness, he has written articles for Ultra-FIT, Physique Magazine, ExtraFit Magazine, World Physique Magazine, and Inside Fitness.[1]

Hill first became ill with ME in 2010 following a case of mononucleosis in his senior year of college at Sonoma State.[2] His health gradually declined until he was bedridden and unable to speak or eat solid food. Slowly, his health is now improving.[1]

Hill's blog, Jamison Writes began as a fitness blog. After a three and a half year hiatus due to illness, Hill is continuing his blog, now writing about his experiences as a patient with ME. He states: "This site is dedicated to Jamison’s journey to regain his health and help others realize the seriousness of his disease and the devastation it causes."[1]

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