Help:Infobox/user style

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Infoboxes and user style

Logged-in users can have a user CSS stylesheet that hides any infoboxes in their own browsers.

To hide all infoboxes, add the following to Special:MyPage/common.css (for all skins, or Special:MyPage/skin.css for just the current skin), on a line by itself:

.infobox { display: none; }

Be aware that all information in an infobox should also be found in the main body of an article. The infobox is also often the location of the most significant, even only, image in an article.


As a template, this snippet takes a |heading= parameter to replace the level-2 ==Infoboxes and user style== section heading code, as needed. E.g, for a === ... === level-3 heading: heading={{=}}{{=}}{{=}}Infoboxes and user style{{=}}{{=}}{{=}}