From ME to You, With Love

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From ME to You, With Love
From me to you with love.jpg
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject Patient experiences
Genre Medical
Publisher Self-published
Publication date
Media type print & digital
Pages 278
ISBN 978-1497569522

From ME to You, With Love is a book written by Louise Harding, with illustrations by Rebeckah Rose.

Publisher's synopsis[edit | edit source]

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In the UK alone, there are hundreds of thousands of sufferers of ME. This collection of brave, honest, moving and inspirational letters are the voices of those who hold on to hope every single day that an effective treatment or cure will be found; sufferers of all ages and severities who are determined to be taken seriously by the world and make the very best of their restricted lives. All too often, their hardest fight is against the attitudes of so many who think that this neurological illness is 'just over-tiredness' or 'all in the mind'. These letters voice their wishes for better understanding and treatment of ME to friends, family, the professionals involved in their care and the general public. The profits from the sale of this book will go to Invest in ME, a UK charity raising awareness of ME and funds for biomedical research.

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