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edmesh (Edinburgh ME self-help group) is a British patient group which works to support people with ME/CFS in Edinburgh and the Lothians.[1] It currently has over 150 members.[2]

Aims[edit | edit source]

edmesh aims to "advance the health and wellbeing of individual sufferers of ME by providing health promoting activities and support, to advance education of the public and health and social care professionals on the issues relating to ME, and to provide grants for the relief of those in need by reason of ill health as a result of their ME."[3]

Services[edit | edit source]

Services offered by edmesh include:

  • Social meetings
  • Yoga classes
  • Postal library of books about M.E.
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Financial assistance (financial hardship grants of up to £50)[4]

Advocacy[edit | edit source]

edmesh holds open meetings which feature speakers from the medical profession and M.E. community. The quarterly newsletter is sent to MSPs and healthcare representatives across Scotland. They are also members of a number of charitable organisations.[1]

Affiliations[edit | edit source]

edmesh is affiliated with or holds memberships with the following groups:

History[edit | edit source]

edmesh was established in 1987. It became a registered charity in 1991.[1]

Notable people[edit | edit source]

Funding[edit | edit source]

edmesh has been a registered charity in Scotland since 1991. Its charity number is SC001024. Funding is primarily sourced through member subscriptions, as well as occasional donations from grant-making trusts. It has been supported by Foundation Scotland and Scotmid Co-operative.[1]

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