Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (1997 book)

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Editors Shlomo Yehuda, David I. Mostofsky
Country United States
Language English
Subject Medical research
Genre Medical
Publisher Springer
Publication date
Media type print & digital
Pages 199
ISBN 978-1461377283

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a book edited by Shlomo Yehuda and David I. Mostofsky. It contains the proceedings of the Second Farber Center International Conference held at the Bar-Ilan University, Israel on 12-13th of December 1995.

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The Second Farber Center International Conference was held on December 19th, 1995 at Bar Han University. Israel. The topic of the conference was: "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome."

The present volume summarizes the controversial and interesting issues as well as the experimental and re­search results as discussed by the distinguished invited speakers. The term "chronic fatigue syndrome" was created to describe a group of symptoms that has often been popu­larly referred to as the "yuppie flu. " The unusual and puz­zling symptoms of CFS include severe fatigue, weakness, fever, depression, and sore throat and lymph nodes. Several other disorders seem to share many of the CFS' symptoms to various degrees and since no undisputed bio­logical etiology has been identified, it has often been re­garded with great suspicion as a legitimate and organic disorder. Only in cases of infectious mononucleosis ("kiss­ing disease") was the Epstein-Barr herpesvirus found. The controversy among physicians and other healthcare pro­fessionals concerns the very existence of CFS as a unique entity well differentiated from other terms such as fibromy­algia, neurasthenia, or special kinds of depression.

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