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Source: Chronic fatigue syndrome: A review (Balachander et al.) 2014.
This article is about the symptom of Chronic Fatigue, a misnomer often used by the media. For the symptom of chronic fatigue, please see chronic fatigue (symptom).

Chronic fatigue (CF) is a symptom of many diseases, illnesses and medications. It means the patient experiences significant and long-term fatigue. It should be distinguished from the disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), of which chronic fatigue is only one of many symptoms. The two terms are not interchangeable. Wikipedia contains separate pages for each.

Chronic fatigue vs. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome[edit | edit source] Health FMS/ME/CFS has two blogs discussing the difference. "Chronic Fatigue vs. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - One's a Symptom, One's a Disease" By Adrienne Dellwo[1] and "Chronic Fatigue Versus Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - What's the Difference? By: Carol Eustice[2]

Dr. Jarred Younger explains Chronic fatigue and begins by stating "Fatigue is not a disease and it is not even a symptom. So fatigue is a alarm system and the most general alarm system the body has." Webinar with Jarred Younger, Ph.D. (@6:04-7:54)

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In these examples the disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is erroneously referred to using the name of only one of the many symptoms involved, chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is a symptom, not a disease.

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