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The Science Media Centre is an organisation formed in 2000 to encourage more accurate reporting of science in the media. When notable scientific papers are published, the Science Media Centre will often publish a page of "expert opinion" which journalists will then commonly re-purpose in their published work. The Science Media Centre has published a number of expert opinions on ME/CFS.[1]

List of CFS/ME expert opinions and press briefings[edit]


The Science Media Centre has been criticized for being a "lobby group".[2]

Patients have criticised the Science Media Centre for focusing its output on psychological and psychiatric expert opinions on ME/CFS and the fact that they house the disease within their Mental Health section.[3][4]

It has also been criticised for bias toward corporate interests.[5]

Fiona Fox, director of the SMC, has debated a critic about the value of the SMC.[6]

Professor James Coyne has criticized the Science Media Centre for what he sees as lobbying against open-data in science.[7]

Professor Malcolm Hooper has criticized the Science Media Centre coverage of the disease.[8]

It was found upon investigation that the Science Media Centre were behind the media publicity blitz in 2011 of allegations of harassment of researchers by patients during the year when the PACE trial results were published and criticised. [9] [10]

In August 2017 David Tuller criticized the Science Media Centre's published "expert opinions" in relation to criticism of the PACE trial.[11]

A blog criticising and questioning Fiona Fox was published by John Peters in response to her 'Inconvenient Truths' blogpost [12].

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