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MediaWiki issues

MediaWiki extensions


  1. PMC or PMCPMC automatically generated citations - our Module code edited by User:Notjusttired to avoid this. Two related fixes fine recently by citoid haven't fixed all cases for us - User:Notjusttired
  2. Automatically generating dates sometimes gives a slash (/) in the date, normally the month number is also wrong. Eg 2019/6 example try using Convert here -[1]
  3. Automatically generating dates sometimes gives a unrecognizable date format of YYYY-DD eg 2015-02 or 2005/06, , this gives 2005/06 error example as seen using convert here - [2]
  4. Some website references are not expanding correctly e.g. ProHealth ones are adding the date as an author, putting bullet points in the title, and putting ProHealth as the first rather than last name. This seems to have started in Jan 2020. Example


  1. Visual Editor experiences significant slow-down on long pages, and sometimes appears to hang. No fix is anticipated, but workaround instructions are here: MEpedia:Visual_editor#Problems_with_long_files
  2. Visual Editor fails to display the "Advanced Settings" tab when editing existing images. Sometimes it will display "Advanced Settings", only to make it disappear when you try to click on it. There is no problem with the "Advanced Settings" tab when inserting new images, except if you have just edited an existing image. If you have just edited an existing image and want to then insert a new image, first save the page without the new image and then re-open it for editing to insert the new image.


  1. There is a known bug where TemplateData stored in a "/doc" subpage will not show up in the VisualEditor. The simplest workaround is to store all TemplateData in the main template page, instead of in a "/doc" subpage. Another suggested workaround is to do a null edit to the main template page every time the TemplateData is updated in the "/doc" subpage.

Page displayed with previous editor's preferences

Sometimes, a page will be displayed according to the preferences of the last person to edit the page. In this case, the "edit" and "edit source" section links in a page can show up in a foreign language, even when the page content is English and the reader's language preference is English. In some cases, the "edit" and "edit source" links don't show up at all. A page can also display link colors according to the previous editor's CSS settings. The fix for all these is to clear the server's page cache for the page. To do this, add “&action=purge” to the end of the page’s URL and reload the page.

Special:AllPages and Special:AllMessages

  1. The Special:AllPages and Special:PrefixIndex pages only show pages in the "MediaWiki:" namespace that have been customized. They do not show any pre-supplied messages stored in data files. These pre-supplied messages can only be viewed using the Special:AllMessages page.
  2. The Special:AllMessages page does not show any interface messages that we have created ourselves, such as MediaWiki:Pages in-need. (So much for "all" messages!)

Glossary/Terminology page

  1. Fixed by Pyrrhus 3nov2019: The "CBT" entry had a "Citation needed" template tag. This added all pages containing "CBT" to the tracking category Category:All articles with unsourced statements.
  2. Fixed in Template:Glossary_entry 4nov2019: Some glossary/terminology entries contain embedded citations. Any page containing these terms will be added to the category Category:Pages with reference errors. (e.g. File:CFS-UK-4.png, Category:Mental disorders) Therefore, anyone reviewing the page Category:Pages with reference errors might get confused. The fix is to modify the Template:Glossary entry and then make sure that all glossary/terminology entries use the template.
  3. Fixed in Template:Glossary_entry 4nov2019:Some glossary/terminology entries contain newline characters, which truncate the tooltip displayed to users. The fix is to remove any newline characters from the entry.


File Upload at Special:Upload

  1. When you upload a new version of an existing image, the old version may continue to be displayed on its "File:" page after uploading the new version. This makes it look like the new version is identical to the old version, leading people to believe that the upload of the new version failed, when it didn't. This is actually a browser issue, as the browser used to upload the new file may cache the old version for an indefinite amount of time. The fix is to:
1) Right-click on the image or thumbnail on the "File:" page.
2) Select "open image in new tab".
3) In the new tab, reload the page. The new image should now be displayed in the new tab.
4) In the old tab, reload the page. The new image should now be displayed on the "File:" page.


  • Categories from templates: Adding a template to a page often affects the categories that the page belongs to. If you update the template, the newly changed categories will be visible at the bottom of any page with the template. However, the page will continue to be listed on the old "Category:" page, and the page will be absent from the new "Category:" page. This is because "Category:" listings are only updated when the page is saved. Therefore, if you update a template to change the categories in any way, you then have to go through every page with that template and perform a 'null edit' on the page in order to update the category listings. (A 'null edit' is when you click "edit" on a page and then save the page without changing anything.)
  • FIXED BY NJT 26 SEPT 2019. Citation needed: If a date is specified in a mainspace article, it displays:
[[Category:All articles with unsourced statements from Template:Year2019]][[Category:Articles with unsourced statements from Template:Year2019 ]][citation needed]
This only occurs in the main namespace. If no date is specified, it shows up fine. For examples, see Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal_axis#Role_in_the_body and De_Bortgjemte#About_the_author.

Modules / Lua issues

Javascript or Gadgets

Database issues

Mobile issues affecting all skins

  • Alerts / notifications (echo feature) do not fit in the screen. Temporary CSS being used to improve this, which may need updating for each MediaWiki release notjusttired (talk) 05:53, July 21, 2019 (EDT)

Skin / theme issues

Vector (default)


  • AddThis extension side bar does not show the icons. May be caused by issue 71
  • Search does not autocomplete page names on mobiles and tablets issue 85
  • Image layout problems using pivot eg text not wrapping despite setting wrap text for images added in visual editor
  • Pivot bug for MW 1.34 needs resolving before MW 1.34 upgrade, Pivot 2.2 contains a fix for this


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cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) - A type of psychotherapy geared toward modifying alleged unhealthy thinking, behaviors or illness beliefs. One of the treatment arms used in the controversial PACE trial.


immunomodulator a substance that affects the functioning of the immune system

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