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Internal links are links from one MEpedia page to another. In contrast, links to websites outside MEpedia are called “external links”.

When and where to link

Typically, page names will be linked to once in the introductory section of an article (the lead paragraph), and then will be linked to again the first time the page name appears in the rest of an article. However, this is only a guideline, subject to editor discretion. For instance, if an important page name is mentioned three times in the body of a very long article, it may serve the reader to create an internal link each time.

How to create an internal link

In the Visual Editor:

  1. Highlight the text you want to link.
  2. Select the chain "link" icon at the top of the window.
  3. Select the “Search pages” tab.
  4. In the box, delete any words you see and then type in the name of the page you are trying to link to.
  5. When you see the correct page listed below the box, just click on it.

Linking to a page that doesn't exist yet

Sometimes you may want to link to a relevant page, even though no one has created that page yet. If it's relevant to ME, go ahead and link to it anyway. The link will show up as a red link but it will also be added to the list of wanted pages. Once the page is created, all red links to it throughout MEpedia will turn blue. See more about this at MEpedia:Wanted pages.

Adding author links

When adding a reference to a page, consider using "author links" to link to any pages on the named authors of scientific papers (even if they are cited multiple times in the same article). For more information on this, please see MEpedia:Author links.

Interwiki links

An "interwiki link" is an external link from one wiki to another, such as a link from a MEpedia page to a Wikipedia page. Interwiki links in MEpedia articles should always be made using the external link method described at MEpedia:External links. Interwiki links in articles should not be made using an interwiki prefix, as this makes the external link inaccurately appear as an internal link.

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