Wild lettuce leaf

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Wild lettuce extract or lactuca virosa is a natural remedy made from the lettuce plant.[1][2] Wild lettuce may be used on its own, but it is more commonly combined with other natural plant remedies such as valerian, passion flower herb, hops or verbena.[3]

Alternative names[edit | edit source]

Wild lettuce is also known as:

  • Acrid lettuce, bitter lettuce, lettuce opium, poison lettuce, or strong-scented Lettuce
  • German lactucarium
  • Green endive
  • Lactuca virosa or Lactucarium
  • Laitue amère,
  • Laitue à opium
  • Laitue sauvage
  • Laitue scariole, laitue serriole or laitue vireuse
  • Lechuga silvestre[1]

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