The Long Covid Handbook

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Written by Professor Danny Altmann and Long COVID science writer and patient Gez Medinger, The Long Covid Handbook covers symptoms, treatment and recovery for both patients and clinicians. 

The Long Covid Handbook
Author Daniel Altmann, Gez Medinger
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject Long COVID
Genre Non-fiction, self-help
Publisher Cornerstone Press, Penguin
Publication date
Oct 2022
Media type Hardback, Audiobook

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"The Long Covid Handbook sees investigative journalist and Long Covid patient-led researcher Gez Medinger join Imperial College London and SAGE Covid Taskforce member Professor Danny Altmann, to gather the latest cutting-edge science and patient-led research into a concise and comprehensive guide on symptoms, treatment and recovery for both patients and clinicians seeking to better understand and treat the condition.

"Medinger, who has been suffering with Long Covid since the first wave of the pandemic, said: “One of the major issues right now for those suffering with Long Covid is that there is no central resource for people to turn to — the information is spread thinly out there in cyberspace, with sources often conflicting and research being both hard to track down and difficult to decipher."[1] (from Penguin)

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