CFS Associazione Italiana onlus

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CFS Associazione Italiana onlus is an Italian patient association for chronic fatigue syndrome.

Aims[edit | edit source]

  • Create awareness on the severity and spread of the disease
  • Offer patients support, understanding and friendship
  • Provide patients with relevant information on national reference centers to turn to for a consultation and treatment
  • Disseminate scientific material in order to increase knowledge of C.F.S. between health care professionals
  • Internationally promoting a network of collaboration with doctors and researchers who study C.F.S. and diseases related to it
  • Develop in our country an awareness campaign about the disease, based on the activity of international organizations[1]

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History[edit | edit source]

The association was founded in Udine in 1991 by Prof. Umberto Tirelli, Director of the Department of Medical Oncology - Head of the Division of Medical Oncology, the first in Italy to experience cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.[1]

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