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Word-finding problems is often listed as a symptom of ME/CFS. It is also referred to as language impairment. Although there is no evidence of language impairment with ME/CFS or FMS, "these problems are similar to those associated with a speech disorder called dysphasia (or aphasia, if it's severe.)"[1]


  • 75.5% - 80.4% of the 2073 patients in a Belgian study of 2001 reported difficulties with words, and 31.8% - 36.2% reported speech difficulties.[2]
  • Katrina Berne reports a prevalence of 75-80% for 'aphasia' (inability to find the right word, saying the wrong word) and/or dyscalculia (difficulty with numbers) - although she notes that this symptom is probably underreported and more prevalent than indicated.[3]

Symptom recognition[edit]

The Wisconsin ME/CFS Association lists under the cognitive problem portion of Other Common Symptoms "word-finding difficulties" and then goes on to say about many of the symptoms of ME/CFS, "While these symptoms are also experienced occasionally by healthy people, the frequency and severity of their occurrence in people with CFS/FM/MCS is dramatically increased from their occurrence before they became ill."[4]

The ME Association notes under the bullet Brain and Central Nervous System problems including Cognitive dysfunction such as "word finding abilities".[5]

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