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Images of PEM[new][edit source][reply]

Hi there! I saw that you updated the Suggestions page to note the completion of the request for images on the PEM page. Thanks! Looking over the images added, I want to make sure those images are correctly licensed for our use: do we have releases from the photographer of each image? I see the uploads are listed as public domain but I couldn't find the releases on the MEpedia upload or mentioned on Twitter (and--forgive me if this goes without saying--tweeting them does not alone release copyright. The creator of the picture retains all rights unless expressly released.) I believe that for our use, they need to be public domain or Creative Commons licensed for legal reasons as well as MediaWiki requirements, and I'll tag in User:Notjusttired who I think knows more about this than I do, but for my part, I also just want to make sure we're respecting the consent of the people pictured, whose comfort posting to their own feed doesn't necessarily imply consent to become a textbook example for us.
Sorry to have to bring this up, I'm sure adding all those images was a lot of work which I appreciate and I hope we can get organized as far as image requirements so no one has this difficulty in the future. Thanks much. Canele (talk) 00:36, 1 March 2019 (EST)

I see what you mean. I hadn't looked at the image licensing to check. User:MEandCFS - I think you uploaded these, do you know if permission was given to upload and license as public domain (meaning anyone can copy and edit if they choose)? If not would you be able to tweet back to ask? There's other options with licenses as well, like CC-BY-4.0 for copying with attribution but no changes.

notjusttired (talk) 00:50, 1 March 2019 (EST)

myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) - A disease often marked by neurological symptoms, but fatigue is sometimes a symptom as well. Some diagnostic criteria distinguish it from chronic fatigue syndrome, while other diagnostic criteria consider it to be a synonym for chronic fatigue syndrome. A defining characteristic of ME is post-exertional malaise (PEM), or post-exertional neuroimmune exhaustion (PENE), which is a notable exacerbation of symptoms brought on by small exertions. PEM can last for days or weeks. Symptoms can include cognitive impairments, muscle pain (myalgia), trouble remaining upright (orthostatic intolerance), sleep abnormalities, and gastro-intestinal impairments, among others. An estimated 25% of those suffering from ME are housebound or bedbound. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies ME as a neurological disease.

The information provided at this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness.
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