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Doctor Suzanne O'Sullivan is a British neurologist and author.

Book - It's All In Your Head[edit]

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Doctor Sullivan published her book, It's All In Your Head, in 2015. It is a book about medically unexplained symptoms and psychosomatic illness and includes a chapter on ME/CFS despite widespread agreement that it is not a psychosomatic illness.


The ME Association published a letter by Lady Countess of Mar.[1] The association also wrote its own letter of complaint to the British Times newspaper in response to its review of the book that incorrectly referred to ME/CFS as a psychosomatic illness.[2]

British charity Invest in ME also criticized the book which they describe as "stigmatising".[3]

British charity Action for ME also wrote to the Times to criticise coverage of the book.[4]

Professor James Coyne has written critically of the book describing it as a "dreadful book".[5][6]

Patient and author Nasim Marie Jafry has criticised the book, accusing it of "recycling nonsense".[7]

Geoffrey Jones published a blog referring to the book author's "ignorant meanderings about ME".[8]

Wellcome Book Prize[edit]

In April 2016 the book was awarded the 2016 Wellcome Book Prize, and the author a £30,000 prize (around US $45,000).[9]

Notable studies[edit]

Doctor Sullivan has published no studies on ME/CFS.

Clinic location[edit]

The Royal London Hospital, London, United Kingdom.


Talks & interviews[edit]

Suzanne O'Sullivan is quoted in a PVFS article in ELLE Magazine Mind Games[10]

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