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Scott Ludlam is a Senator of Australian Greens political party.

Senate Discussion[edit | edit source]

The Australian Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee, under Senator Ludlam's direction, discussed the little funds and poor medical health support for Australia's myalgic encephalomyelitis patients and GPs trying to treat them. He mentioned the good job Emerge Australia does on little funds. A 9 minute video of the discussion was uploaded on February 10th, 2016 (FB time stamp 5:51PM) and by Feb. 12th, 2016 8:24PM US EST had 19,403 Views.[1] During this meeting the CEO of the NHMRC, part of the federal Australian Department of Health, said it was looking to NIH research.[2] Read Sasha Nimmo's article for more

Interviews[edit | edit source]

The Wire Radio interview included Senator Ludlam at 2:56 speaking on research which was "counterproductive and actually dangerous" in reference to exercise (GET) and Cognitive behavioral therapy. At 4:54 he speaks of the need for the Commonwealth to swing behind Griffiths University in Queensland.[3]

A piece written by Naomi Chainey used his quote for the title '"Getting By With “Bugger All”: The Invisible Suffering Of Australians With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"'.[4] Senator Ludlam posted the article on his FB page and as of February 28th, 9:13 AM EST there were 1.2K Likes and 425 shares as well as a long thread of discussion and much appreciation for his efforts.[5]

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