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MEpedia is an information site and, as such, we need to provide sources for any information that is added to the site, so that readers can see where the information came from. This page will introduce you to a simple structure for citing sources. There is a more advanced form, which you can learn about on Reference Formatting. For now, we'll look at the basics.

How to add a Reference[edit | edit source]

You will notice on the site that there are often superscript numbers in the text. When you click on them, they take you to the References section on the page, and a citation.


To add a reference, you will need two things: a web link for your source (academic sources are preferable, but a blog post or video is okay too) and the code to create the reference.

Here is a sample of what a reference looks like in the text. You can see the two sections of code, one before the web link, and one after.


The two pieces of code are:

 <ref> (which goes before your web link), and 

</ref> (which goes at the end).

It is important to make sure that you include both pieces of code (yes, you're a coder now!), and note the direction of the "/" in the code that comes after the web link.

Now you try!

  • Find a blog post that you read recently and found inspiring or interesting.
  • Go to the Sample Page. In the "An inspiring blog post" section, write what you liked about the post, and add the web link as a reference.
  • Alternatively, go and add a reference (an article, blog post, video) to a paragraph somewhere on the site.

Now you know how to add basic references, the next stop is to learn how to format the text... Formatting - Bold and Bullets.

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