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Jessica Taylor-Bearman is a British woman that has lived with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) since childhood. In 2010 she founded and currently operates Share A Star Charity to "bring back the sparkle for children and teenagers who are fighting life threatening or chronic illnesses."[1] She writes two blogs, JayTay and The World of One Room.[2][3] Because she suffers from photophobia she titled her memoir A Girl Behind Dark Glasses.[4]

Jessica Taylor got married to Samuel Bearman on Saturday, April 29, 2017 in Upnor Church, Kent, UK and is now known as Jessica Taylor-Bearman.

Awards and nominations[edit | edit source]

Jessica was awarded "Top 10 UK CFS Blog" for The World of One Room
  • 2016, Jessica was awarded Points of Light February, 2016. Prime Minister David Cameron said: “With Share a Star, Jessica has shown a remarkable commitment to supporting other young people who face serious ill health, or have very ill siblings. The peer support and family trips she organises have brought much-needed joy to hundreds of severely unwell young people and their families, despite her own ill health. To those who have received her kindness and empathy she is a true point of light.” Local MP, Kelly Tolhurst said: “I am delighted that Jessica’s inspiration and dedication has been recognised with a Point of Light Award. Jessica and Share a Star are a credit to our local area having genuinely made a difference to hundreds of severely unwell children and their families. I deeply admire their invaluable work and fighting spirit and I would like to wish continued achievement to Jessica and her team.”[5]
  • 2017, Runner up in Pride in Medway, Courage[6]
  • 2018, Nominated for Pride in Medway

Online presence[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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Information: Jessica’s Book BBC News video on Jessica’s wedding wedding video

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