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Graded exercise therapy (GET) is a form of physical therapy for the management of chronic fatigue syndrome where physical activity is gradually increased over time. It is a treatment offered to ME/CFS patients in the UK by the National Health Service (NHS) as specified in the NICE guidelines.

Patient Analysis of PACE Results[edit]

Graham McPhee and others created videos investigating the PACE trial data in relation to Graded Exercise Therapy.[1][2]

Fear of exercise[edit]

The PACE trial investigators have stated that they believe a causal factor of the persistence of ME/CFS is fear of exercise.[3] This claim as been criticized as unsupported by trial results.[4]


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Centers for Disease Control[edit]

July 2017, the CDC's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome page has been changed to Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and GET and CBT recomendations have been removed.[7][8]

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