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Disabled in Tory Britain is a blog written by "Lindy" and was launched May 9th, 2015, the day after the Conservative victory in the General Election.[1]

Lindy is disabled by ME/CFS and lives in London, England.

PACE trial[edit | edit source]

The blog post Diary Day 116: Will Publishing The CFSME PACE trial Data Topple The NHS? shows the many UK agencies involved with the implementation of the PACE trial.

If that scenario happens, what will that mean for:
   UK Medical Research Council
   Department of Health
   the Scottish Chief Scientist’s Office
   The Department for Work and Pensions
   The Wolfson Institute
   Queen Mary University
   3 London hospitals
   1 Oxford hospital
   1 Edinburgh hospital
   The ethics committee who passed the research protocol?
Look at that list…..take one long hard look. They worked together, not alone. They were one body, not separate. They were the partners that brough the PACE trial to its conclusion and the NHS worked on their recommendations.

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PACE trial - A controversial study which claimed that CBT and GET were effective in treating "CFS/ME", despite the fact that its own data did not support this conclusion. Its results and methodology were widely disputed by patients, scientists, and the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

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