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Brian J. Angus, FRCP, is the Director of the Oxford Centre for Clinical Tropical Medicine and a Clinical Tutor in Medicine and Associate Professor and Reader in Infectious Diseases, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford, UK. His current research focus is on clinical trials in influenza, HIV, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, C. difficile-Associated Diarrhea and typhoid.[1]

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PACE trial publications include:

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Oxford University a prestigious university located in Oxford, England renowned for its teaching and research in health and medicine

somatic symptom disorder A psychiatric term to describe an alleged condition whereby a person's thoughts somehow cause physical symptoms. The actual existence of such a condition is highly controversial, due to a lack of scientific evidence. It is related to other psychiatric terms, such as "psychosomatic", "neurasthenia", and "hysteria". Older terms include "somatization", "somatoform disorder", and "conversion disorder". Such terms refer to a scientifically-unsupported theory that claims that a wide range of physical symptoms can be created by the human mind, a theory which has been criticized as "mind over matter" parapsychology, a pseudoscience.

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