150 Tips for Everyday Living with ME/CFS

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150 Tips for Everyday Living with ME/CFS
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Author Anna Cayder
Language English
Subject Patient guide
Genre Medical
Publisher Self-published
Publication date
Media type print
Pages 80
ISBN 978-1494776459

150 Tips for Everyday Living with ME/CFS: Easier Ways with Personal Care, Cooking, Cleaning, Shopping and More is an out-of-print book by Anna Cayder.

Publisher's synopsis[edit | edit source]

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If you have ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome), you have a serious problem: how to manage the everyday tasks of daily living when even trivial exertion wipes you out. How can you spend less energy on basic chores such as personal care, housework and shopping so that you have some left over for yourself? How can you avoid tiring yourself out on such activities as cooking or getting around so that you leave your body with enough energy to help it recover?

In this practical, lighthearted book, ME veteran Anna Cayder brings together her own experience and that of other patients and occupational health experts to offer you tips and dodges to make your daily life easier. She draws from both the ME world and the wider community of those with severely fatiguing immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and cancer to offer you some often surprising solutions.

In this guide, you will find:

  • general strategies for coping with being limited by fatigue;
  • over 150 energy-saving tips for everyday tasks, from what to do if you’re too tired to clean your teeth to tricks for easy shopping;
  • products to make your life easier, from astronaut shampoo to easy-change duvet covers;
  • ideas to help you with personal care, cooking, housework, shopping, visitors, appointments, mobility both indoors and out, and much more.

150 Tips is written in short paragraphs and sections for easy reading for those with brain-fog and concentration problems. Although written for those living with ME, this book will also be useful for anyone with a severely fatiguing disease. Don’t waste more energy than you have to on basic tasks of daily living – save your strength for better things.

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